Metal Roofing Myths Debunked

Metal roofing has become quite the trend. Individuals have the choice of different colors and even different styles. For instance, you can have a blue roof if you want a blue roof. You can also have a metal roof that mimics the look of shingles if you want. There are more and more options being made available to homeowners as metal roof innovations are being made.

However, there are some myths about metal roofing in  that need to be addressed so that individuals such as yourself can make the right decisions regarding metal roofing.

Those myths include:

Metal roofs are too hot and don’t have insulating properties – It has been shown that metal roofs are saving homeowners money on their heating and cooling costs when they are installed properly. Metal roofs actually reflect a lot of the solar energy that tends to heat up the attics of homes. This results in the home remaining a more consistent temperature, which means you do not have to deal with the extreme temperature fluctuations you would have to deal with otherwise.

Lightning loves metal roofs

The truth here is that lighting hates metal roofs. The Metal Roof Alliance states that the instance of lightning hitting your home with a metal roof is not increased. If lightning does hit your home, the metal roof disperses the energy from the lightning evenly and safely. The instance of fire is also greatly reduced with a metal roof because metal is not flammable.

Metal roofs don’t last long

Quality metal roofs come with a 20 year guarantee from the manufacturer. Metal roofs do require special skills from  roofing contractors. Not everyone can install a metal roof, which says a lot about the quality of the roof. The more complex, the better it is. When installed properly, the expected lifespan of a metal roof is 50 years. This is much longer than most other roof types, which includes asphalt shingles that have a maximum life of 30 years.

Metal roofs aren’t very beneficial

Right now, you can receive a tax credit on your income tax return when you put metal roofing on your home. As you’ve read so far, metal roofing is not flammable, they are not too hot, and they do keep cool air in and hot air out. When you use an Energy Star rated metal roofing, your energy costs can be cut by 10% to 15%.

Metal roofs aren’t worth the cost

Metal roofs may cost more than asphalt shingles, but the overall savings exceeds that of asphalt shingles and the roof more or less pays for itself over time in the form of energy savings. Asphalt shingles do need to be replaced 2 to 4 times more often than metal roofing. Real estate expert Michael Ejekam says, considering roof replacement costs thousands, the overall savings is astronomical.


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