Pest Control Apartments

Apartments are the worst about roach infestation, and it will probably never change, but you can do something about your rental to stay free of these prehistoric little monsters. The problem is that all residents are not as clean as certain tenants when comes to keeping their home in order.


Leaving dirty dishes in the sink, not taking the trash out daily, and leaving pet food on the floor just begs roaches to enter your rental home. Even thought the management is required to provide exterminator service, usually it is done by the maintenance crew, and they use mostly watered down over the counter products.


It would be wise prior to moving into any apartment to have a pest control service company come out and pre-treat your entire unit. This will have them running to the neighbors and staying out of your apt for about three months. Granted it is an extra cost above and beyond your monthly rental, but to be sure that roaches are not crawling on your children at night while they sleep will give you peace of mind.



Check with management before you even sign a lease to see if having a  pest control specialist come out is permissible. If not then it is this author’s opinion that you should keep looking until you find a property that encourages pest control paid for by their clients.


In addition, keep in mind you can do things around the home on a regular basis that will make it less attractive for roaches to reside with you. Bringing in old cardboard boxes, or paper sacks (they are not used as much, but those grocery store paper sacks will have roach eggs in them, and will hatch after you have store the sack for use later.


You may ask what roaches eat, and the answer is anything that is organic, but they especially love protein, and that can be even in glue that holds books and decorative covers on items around the home. Food crumbs, dried mayonnaise on a counter, cat, dog, and hamster food is a favorite, and if they get into your dry pantry, and the packages are easy enough to chew through they will do this as well.


Roaches will rarely bite a human, but open sores should be covered up on humans and pets at night just in case. Ask your pest control expert if they can supply your apartment with baits, and a gel to further prevent the roaches from entering. Remember they can come back, even if you keep a clean home, as your neighbors will be inviting them back in with bad habits of leaving food expose overnight for them. See to avoid pest in the apartments.

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